Case Studies

Case Studies

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Client Overview: Knowledge Information Management (KIM)

Cabinet Office, Knowledge Information Management department, engages with Xansium Consultancy to deliver bespoke Case Management System.

Key Deliverables

• Case Management System
• Digital Efficiency
• Data Management
• End to End encrypted Secure System
• Fully Integrated Reporting
• Integrated Search Functionality

The Government KIM profession is one of the Civil Service Professions. It is made up of qualified civil servants who look after knowledge storage and information management systems – assets that critically underpin the work of government. 

KIM supports qualified civil servants who enable the creation, organisations & exploitation of Information Knowledge. Dealing with thousands of government related documents daily that underpin the work of government the KIM team needed to move from a very manual, and time-consuming paper based and Google Drive system to a modern automated Case Management System. Under the freedom of information act KIM are periodically obligated to review classified and highly sensitive material to make a judgement on whether or not it is appropriate to release into the public domain, through the national archives. The challenge for KIM was one single check could take many man hours, sorting through volumes and volumes of uncatalogued documents, in a data storage room, that was open to human error, and very inefficient. The process also had no reporting functionality built into it to allow the KIM team to report and forecast where the check was in the process to assess if any additional resources were needed to ensure the check was completed on time, and to the specific deadline set. With many of the documents also containing highly sensitive information, that could be top secret in some cases, the free form, none conforming structure of google-sheets that was being used to collate all the information was causing KIM security issues with highly sensitive information appearing in the google-sheets that should not have been included or in-fact even available to the public.

A customised Salesforce Case Management System. That provided a structured workflow to log and annotate each file in relation to a specific check. Creating a log of what has been done or not been done with each file so the reviewer could read through a check and screen it very quickly to ensure it doesn’t break any classification rules, and meets all the necessary requirements to ensure it is fit for public release. 

1. Digital Efficiency Embracing technology to create a central location to securely store and track all client information that can be accessed easily, 24/7, from any location.

2. Robustness Customised data fields that allow streamlining of data and data security checks, to create a quality assurance and methodology to ensure all necessary checks are met.

3. Auditable Trail Fully integrated auditable trail, right through to delivery.

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