Xansium Consulting – Launch Digital Academy Apprentice Scheme

Xansium Consulting launches its Digital Academy Apprentice Scheme to help address the concern around youth unemployment in the UK and the rising demand for young digital and tech talent.

With School leavers being one of the worst groups hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis, a new study has warned youth unemployment in the UK could rise by 640,000 this year – taking the total above one million. 

James Rowlands CEO of Xansium said “Coronavirus has left under 25’s on the edge, with the launch of our Academy we are hoping to create digital and tech opportunities for this age group through our bespoke training program with a focus on Salesforce. By 2024, there will be 4.2 , million jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem, and as a certified Salesforce partner we want to play our part in developing young  talent into fully certified Salesforce Administrators or Developers to fulfil these jobs”

The Xansium Academy is a fully integrated, mentor supported learning journey, with exposure to real life projects, on-going access to online e-learning courses, and a structured framework to achieving a career as a Salesforce Developer or Administrator.